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rug and carpet cleaning serviceThere’s nothing quite like a new washed carpet. It creates a clean feeling for the room. You can dust, hoover and polish. As long as the pollutants and moisture are inside your carpet or rug – northing’s going to cut it. All carpets and rugs play a big role in crafting your unique house scent. You probably don’t know it, but every time you walk through the front door of another house you smell it.

Bell’s carpet cleaners Ashford TN23 – a short-cut to a healthier environment

Our services introduce invaluable benefits to your home and office, such as:

  • Air Purification

There are pollutants trapped in the fabric of your carpet. They are the same to the air quality of your surrounding environment. Dirty carpets and rugs hide the dangers of allergens. Such dangers as dust, dander and even lead and airborne gases. This could prove to be harmful to anyone in your home. Anyone suffering from breathing difficulties, including snoring.

How Bell's Cleaners in Ashford can help: Our carpet cleaning Ashford TN23 methods allow us to extract up to 95% of the moisture back from the fabric of your carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattress. There’s no other type of treatment that can guarantee such results.

  • Mould growth and carpet quality

Moisture often sinks deep into the fabrics of your carpet and damages its quality over time. This process is also connected to a higher risk of growth of mould and mildew on the property. What’s more, a carpet that isn’t looked after can easily turn into one that isn’t pleasant to look at.

How Bell's Cleaners in Ashford can help: We have the equipment to work with and preserve even the most delicate of materials. The technicians specialise in rug cleaning. They have experience with Afghan, Braided, Kashmir, Oriental, Pakistani, Sarouk, Shiraz, Tibetan and Turkmen rugs. Not to mention, we haven’t encountered a stain too hard for us to get rid of, ranging from coffee, tea, wine, paint, blood and oil stains!

  • Pest Resilience

You need to know that a poor maintained carpet is the prime target for dust mites, fleas, bed bugs and carpet beetle larvae. The faeces and body fragments of these pests are powerful allergens, that shouldn’t have any place in your home and office. Carpets in high traffic areas are especially prone to an infestation spread.

How Bell's Cleaners in Ashford can help: A professional carpet cleaning Ashford TN23 twice a year. That alone will completely gets rid of all pests and pest eggs that might be hiding in the fibres of your carpets and even your furniture and mattress!

How to book our carpet cleaning Ashford TN23

We value our customer service most of all, so we’ve broken down the booking process to a few simple steps. Our lines are open 24 hours in the day and we promise that there is no question we cannot answer!

Contact Bell's Cleaners in Ashford on 01233 360 017 . Consult with our staff on whether you need: – how water extraction carpet cleaning Ashford

– dry cleaning Ashford
– dry foam carpet cleaning Ashford
– upholstery and mattress cleaning

If you’ve already chosen a service, fill out our simple booking form.

After making your enquiry. Expect a free estimate from competent carpet cleaners in Ashford TN23.

Choose any time you’d like for the treatment to take place. Keep in mind, we work even on weekends and bank holidays!

Provide the trained and reliable carpet cleaners with the conditions necessary for the treatment. One is easy access to your property. Second, a parking space within walking distance. Last, but not least, heavy lifting involved.

Following the treatment. Make sure you follow the tips and recommendations the professionals give you. After we arrange and execute the everything and you have results be sport and give us your feedback.

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