Bell's Window Cleaning Services in Ashford for House & Skyscraper Glass Panes

Windows are the trademark of 21st century architecture design and glass has become its own symbol of modern times. And yes, everyone loves looking at it – but not many love the maintenance work that comes with it! Glass windows need to be regularly cleaned, yet the over-the-counter detergents don’t really seem to be doing a good job, do they? Well, we don’t like to fall behind our times. Bell's Cleaners in Ashford offer first-class window cleaning in Ashford TN23 with purified water that doesn’t leave any streaks and water spots. Not only that, but our technology also prevents dust from piling up on your windows in the future.

More about the methods of Bell’s window cleaners Ashford

What sort of equipment do they use and how does it work?

For external windows, Bell's Cleaners in Ashford use a water-fed pole that operates with de-mineralized water. It’s connected to our company van, which makes it much more efficient than a standard approach with a ladder. The brush-head at the end of the pole is what removes the dirt and leaves the window shiny and spotless. The windows are then left to dry naturally for perfect, squeaky-clean results! For the windows on the inside of the house, they will use a simple squeegee technique, delivered with the utmost professionalism and approach to detail!

What kind of windows can I hire them to wash?

Bell’s window cleaners Ashford are only able to clean windows as high as 72ft, which amounts to the height of a regular fourth floor of a building. As far as the type of windows go, our only limit is that we cannot treat anything other sills and frames other than PVC ones. We clean single and double windows, French doors, sash windows, bay windows, skylight windows, garden windows, including conservatories and their roofs.

Can I request that my curtains be cleaned as well?

Certainly! Our window cleaning services Ashford go perfectly with our curtain cleaning, gutter cleaning and patio cleaning. In fact, combining more than one service has the benefit of receiving a discount!

Could I hire the window cleaners for my office as well?

Yes, Bell’s Cleaners offer commercial window cleaning in Ashford as well. We even have the option to send employees with rope access for windows higher than the fourth floor.

Are there any requirements?

Only a few! We would need you to provide us with a parking space within 30 metres of the property. It would also have to be on the same side that the windows are, as our water fed poles’ water source is attached to the van. We also cannot treat any wooden sills and frames for we fear that the paint might come off.

How can I book your services?

Call 01233 360 017 any time of the day or night or reach us through our online chat. To get a free quote and proceed straight with booking, please use the form on our website.

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